How to Find the Best Gadget Deals Online

online-gadgets-shoppingShopping for newest gadgets or devices is not really hard, you just need to determine your true intention or reason why you are buying a particular device and what is your maximum budget for it. Let’s say for example you are looking for a notebook or laptop that you will primarily use for gaming and your budget is not more than a thousand dollar, then you might want to shorten your search query such as best 2015 gaming laptops under 500 dollars.

  There are many online gadget shopping websites you can visit to compare prices, but I really suggest checking out a few trusted gadget review site, as these websites share their personal unbiased reviews from different devices, gadgets, and technologies including the pros and cons and whether it is bang for the buck, or not really worth it for your money.

They will also advice alternatives that within reach of your budget as their main priority is you, their readers and of course they will try to write a detailed review of every gadgets that will help their viewers decide whether to buy or not to buy the tech stuff that they are looking for.

A good example is when you are looking for a $200-worth smartphone that will enable you to play decent games without any lags, with larger screen and at least equipped with a decent 5MP front camera or more, as you are a selfie addict then I can personally recommend mobile brands from reputable companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and a few Samsung Galaxy handsets for you as these brand carries different level of smartphone from mid-range to high-end, yet still affordable.

Once you have shortlisted a few smartphones that is within your budget, you might want to compare every details of the following smartphones, the pros and cons, and combined with the reviews from legitimate gadget reviews site to help you further decide with your purchase. For that $200 budget, I’m very sure you can purchase a quad-core smartphone with at least 5-inch of Full HD display with decent front and back camera for picture taking.

Again, purchasing gadgets is now easier compared before as there are lots of available resources online you can read, which will minimize the chances of you regretting from buying a device that is not what you expect. If you have tech buddies or friends that are always updated on the technology trend, don’t be shy to seek their advice as I’m very sure they can also give you a few options or suggestions, as our generation will be fast phase and the devices that seems to be of high specs from today will no longer be the top of the line by the next few weeks.

Lastly, my last piece of advice is when you are buying a new device you might want to consider a device that will not be left off in terms of specs for the following 6 months, let’s say for example you are using a Quad-core mobile phone with 1GB of RAM, 16GB internal, and 8MP camera. I do suggest that during you next upgrade, opt to buy a quad/octa-core with 2-3GB of RAM, 32GB of Memory, and more than 8MP camera as I’ve mentioned a while ago technology evolves really fast and you need to get a specs that can still compete with the newer devices that will come out in the next few months so that your upgrade doesn’t look like a waste of money.

I hope on this simple tech guide, you have learn something and will change the way how you buy your next gadget. Have fun and shop wisely!

How to Check Website Level of Authority

Google-PageRank-DeadGone are the days when search engine optimizer and internet marketing professionals rely on that small green horizontal bar in your browser’s toolbar known as Google PageRank to determine a website’s level of authority. If I’m not mistaken the last year update of Pagerank was last year and I’ve very sure of it that they will no longer update this metrics that’s why when you try to search for updates, you will find several relevant articles from trusted websites that released SEO news, that the Google Page Rank is actually dead!

Yes, you heard it right! PageRank as a metric is now useless. If you are still relying on this SEO metric then I suggest you continue reading this article as it will benefit you somehow. I know you heard or read somewhere the MOZ PA and DA metrics, what these metrics do is they tend to give you an idea how reputable or authoritative a website is by judging its score, 1 is the lowest and 100 is the highest. DA means Domain Authority and PA means Page Authority. These are the new metrics used by many SEO optimizers to tell whether a website is strong or not in terms of SEO competition. Some of the highest DA websites are Facebook and Twitter, both with DA of 100 and PA of 97,  LinkedIn with DA of 100 and PA of 96, Pinterest with PA 97 and DA of 100, and many more just to give you a few examples. You can also check your competition DA and PA using MOZ OSE tool for free (limited features only).

Other important data that you could extract using MOZ open site explorer tool is the spam level of your site where in 1 to 3 out of 17 is still considered as fairly good and above that is alarming in the eyes of Google. You can also analyze how many referring domains and total backlinks your site has. What’s great about this SEO tool is that – it is updated in a monthly basis so you will be aware on your backlinking efforts if your strategy is working good for you and it will also inform you whether your backlink profiles are good or not by giving you a spam level score for each backlinks which you can disavow later on. MOZ PA and DA metrics are just one of the few important metrics that you might want to focus on instead of hoping for that PageRank to be resurrected. I’ll be sharing you the next important SEO metrics you can use to analyze the backlinking profile and site overall quality on my next blog post.

Pro Tip: If you want to check unlimited domains for free, sign up and create a MOZ account for free and it will give you unlimited amount of checking site’s DA and PA but of course with limited features unlike a premium or paid MOZ account.

How to Prevent Spam in WordPress Blogs

On this internet tech tips, I’ll be sharing ways how you can prevent spam in your blog and try to enlighten you what are the particular types of spam available in the internet. To begin with let’s discus what is my personal definition of this dreaded term.

spam-emailsSPAM is a form of any unwanted emails, comments, links that could appear in your WordPress blog, Facebook, or other social media accounts, forum sites, and personal email accounts. It is considered as unethical way of promoting something, it could be a product, service, or anything in the cyber world. To be more specific by simply posting a link of your site or product to someone else Facebook wall is considered as spam unless you have talked to the user beforehand that you will place your link or site for advertising purposes.

Another example of obvious spam is when a site owner leaves a link in the comment section of your blog or website and uttering nonsense words or phrases that is not related to your niche or topic. Commenting to forum sites that are not related to your topic and leaving your email and site URL is also treated as a SPAM.

To prevent spam from coming from your WordPress blog, you can install a spam-protection plugin and other security for ultimate defense against this threats. The top 3 plugins that I personally recommend are the following:

  1. Akismet – one of the best and popular plugin for WP that helps combat spam, especially blog comments.
  2. Si Captcha Anti-Spam – this plugin works best for forms such as comment section, registration, and contact form to prevent robots spamming your email, or robots signing up on your blog freely.
  3. Bulk Delete – this WP plugin is best if you want to delete in bulk such as users registered, pending draft post, categories, tags, and many more.

How to Reset a Router

Resetting a Router can be done in 10 secs

Why do you think we need to reset a router? well there are many instances you might want to reset your router such as when you have set a wireless connection password and you totally forgot it, same thing with the router password itself, so you have no choice but to reset the router to have it set again.

Another reason is that you need to reset a router, when you are trying to set-up an APN or bridge connection using another modem or router. It could also be possible when you are experiencing some delays or fluctuations with your internet connection, then resetting your router can fix the problem. Here is a simple guide how to check your internet connection speed.

To reset any router, you can find a small button with a label “reset” but for some it just a small rubber button that can be press using a pointed object such as ballpen tip.


For other routers, there is no reset label but as long as it looks like the button that you can see in the picture you can press it and hold for 10 secs (be sure that your router is powered on) and wait until all the lights on the top panel of the router glows, that means the router has been successfully reset.

If you have tried upgrading or changing the original firmware of your router, then resetting it will not turn it back to its original firmware, rather on the new firmware with default settings. Maybe you will ask this question, because I’ve already seen some computer users on different tech forums asking if resetting their wireless router can revert it to its original state, well the answer is definitely no.

If you want to restore it to the original firmware, then you can search for your specific router model and brand name in Google and download it and reflash it similar to how you install your current router firmware. It’s just the same whether you are installing a DD-WRT, Tomato, or your stock firmware, just get the file that is compatible with your set-up and you are good to go.

How to Monitor Computer Temperature and Fan Speed

Why Do You Need to Monitor Computer Temperature?

If you have just bought your first computer, it could be a desktop computer or laptop, I’m sure you will never think of this aspect as you are very excited installing games, applications, and browsing the internet. But if you want to save your desktop and laptop computer and extend its life span then monitoring temperature is a good idea. By the way, you can go to this site gaming laptops under 500 if you are still shopping for your very first laptop computer. There you will learn amazing information on laptop purchasing guide from specifications, reviews and pricing.

When you are using your computer heat build up on the system case, this comes from individual peripherals excess power usage or waste energy that is not utilized efficiently by the system. When this heat build up and when there is no proper cooling system installed then your computer might experience overheating issues, same thing happened when you didn’t replace the thermal paste that the technician applied in between the processor and the heatsink few years ago.


Worse case scenario is  that your CPU will be fried because of too much heat when the thermal paste is totally dry or possibly when your cooling system malfunction, let’s say for example your computer cpu cooler fan stopped working and without the necessary 3rd party tool you can’t monitor this and you will be shocked that your computer just suddenly shut down and when you try to turn it on, it just won’t turn on at all.

Now that you understand how important to monitor your computer temperature, you might want to download this free application called HWMonitor that can check not just the temperature of your system case but also the temperature of majority of the different types of graphics cards, fan rotation speeds, hard drive temps, memory temperature, and can intelligently distinguish each fans installed and what’s its current RPM, as well as voltage from different peripherals to ensure they are getting the required voltage to prevent some issues such as running low on supply from the power source or fluctuations on one of the power cables from the ATX power supply.

There is also a pro version of the HWMonitor with added features for advanced users, but honestly a free version will do the job perfectly.

Download Link for the Free Version

How to Test a Hard Drive’s Life

Testing a hard drive is important, especially if you are buying for a used one from an online market, to ensure that the drive that you will buy is still in good health without any problem. Testing a drive is not a difficult task, you just need to install professional software such as HD Tune which is available in free and pro versions.

If you are a seller of a hard disk, you just need to install the software, run the HDD error checking test which will take a while to be completed, depending on the size of the drive. From my experienced a 500 GB HDD will take around 30 minutes to 1 hours to scan it thoroughly, although there are quick scan mode which you can select if you are in a hurry. Once this test is done, you must see a full green chunks of blocks without red as this color symbolized for bad block for a drive.


Once you have double checked for errors, you can take a snapshot or screenshot on your computer and send it to your prospective buyer of the drive. This will give the buyer a peace of mind that the drive you are selling is in good condition without any bad sector or block.

I remember when I first bought a used drive from an online computer parts group, the seller gave me a hard drive that is completely dead, as in it can’t be detected by the computer itself without any dents that’s why I thought the drive will work smoothly without any problems. That’s why I came to this testing methodology before buying a hard drive again, and also share this tips to those computer newbies to prevent from experiencing the same trouble I’ve experienced.

Just be sure that you memorized the serial number of the hard drive, and what particular brand on the taken screenshot of the HD Tune software and compare the serial number on the actual drive before you pay for it.

How to Determine Internet Connection Speed


Knowing how fast your internet connection is very crucial as there are internet service providers who does not keep their promises in terms of the bandwidth they reserved for you, which you are paying for monthly basis.

Let’s say for example you subscribed for a internet subscription plan of 5Gbps with a monthly fee of $30. Now the question is how can you determine your connection speed? well there are several ways how to do that – one of the simplest way is by using online tool such as using SpeedTest website. is a very popular website used by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. You just need to visit their website and click the test now button, and it will automatically check your internet download and upload speed using a predetermined server near you, as well as the delay or ping.

Although there are manual configuration you can adjust, let’s say for example choosing another location, or another server if in case you are using multiple internet service providers. You can also compare different speeds and even share them to your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter and tell your friends how do you feel about your connection, if you are satisfied or pissed. There are also other available options you can select how you can share your internet speed either by embed links, forum formatted link, image file or a plain URL you can share.

Lastly, there is also a rating buttons on the Speedtest homepage if you are totally upset or not satisfied with your company internet service and you can rate them on what they truly deserve. If you are not satisfied with this website service, there are other alternative speed test checking websites such as,, and Let me know which one of these sites works best for you.

How to Print Screen in Windows Desktop PC

Our today’s how to tutorial is one of the basics in computer, although many computer users are not aware on how to take snapshots or print screen on their desktop or laptop. There are many reasons why you should learn this easy trick, these includes the following:

IT or Tech Support is located remotely

Let’s say for instance you are working in the office and you have encountered an error and the only person that is knowledgeable in solving that issue is located on different location, let’s say a few blocks away or from a different city or country. So what do you think is the best way you can do? the answer is taking a snapshot of that error and sending it to your coworkers or technical staff to help you solve the problem.

Utilize Print screen, instead of typing.

One of the good reasons I used print screen – is when I need to take down notes or write something on the internet when there is no available printer. Imagine typing a 400-500 word article or piece of information, why not just take a snapshot and save it to your mobile device.

Back-ups for Hard to Remember Passwords

If you do a lot of account creation and you are using alphanumeric passwords with punctuations and capitalizations then why not just print screen it and save it your images folder for easy housekeeping.

Print Screen is Important for Gamers

If you are a hard core gamer, I’m sure taking snapshots of your best move, highest score, latest achievement is what you really proud of. Once you have captured that epic moment, you can easily share it to your friends via social media and for sure they will believe you as it was an actual on game photo not just a story.

Print-screen-keyboard-buttonThese are just some of the many reasons why you need to learn how to print screen. To start taking snapshots go to the panel or windows lets say for example you are watching a movie, hit the button on the keyboard labeled as “Prt Sc SysRq” and then open an image viewer  such as Microsoft paint and hit ctrl + v or “paste”. After pressing that keyboard combinations, you will see that the photo taken using Print screen function in your Windows PC will be posted on the paint, and after that you can already hit the save button on the MS paint straight to your desktop.

Pretty easy, isn’t it?